TapioPLEX® Dry/Wet Cationic Starch

TapioPLEX Cationic Starch

Supplied as a free flowing white powder, TapioPLEX Cationic Starch offered by us is used in the paper making industry to improve the dry strength of the finished sheet and the retention of fines and fillers. Cationic starch is preferred because it is introduced with a positive charge which helps in better retention of the starch in the paper web.

TapioPLEX Cationic Starch has the following technical specification:

  • Number of cationic groups (degree of substitution) typically ranges from 2 per 100
  • starch monomers up to 10
  • wherein most cationic wet end starches have DS between 0.03 and 0.06

TapioPLEX® Cationic Starch Product Specification

Title Unit Value Standard
AppearanceWhite Powder

Product Code
Note: WWW Package Size, ZZ Package Type
Standard: 20 kg multi-layer paper sacks (020-PB)
Jumbo Bag: 500 kg PP (500-PP), 850 kg PP (850-PP)
Others: 25 kg PB (025-PB)
Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.
CN Code: xxxx.xx.xx
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