Banpong Tapioca at Beginning

Company History

Banpong Tapioca was founded more than 39 years ago to produce native tapioca starch. Since the inception, the company employed state-of-the-art technology at that time but the capacity was relatively small. With the company’s philosophy, committing to quality and honesty in doing business, Banpong Tapioca has been growing and expanding both upstream and downstream. Besides expansion, the company also establishes the strong research and development relationship with many reputable universities.

Our Chronological

Established with 30 ton/day capacity
Current management acquired 100% ownership
Employed state-of-the art production technology at that time
The second native starch facility started production
Increased the capacity to 90 ton/day
Jointed venture to setup Neotech Food to produce maltodextrin modified starch
Opened the third facility to produce pregelatinized starch under Jasmine brand
Certified for ISO9001:2000 global quality standard and GMP/HACCP certified
One of the first Biogas UASB system was implemented
The sixth facility to produce cationic starch
Dry cationic starch production began at the seventh facility
Totally remodel the first and second native starch facilities
The capacity of native starch production increase to 350 tons/day
Implemented the second Biogas with the most efficient HCLU system
The ninth facility to produce dry mixed starch
Expanded second Drumdryer to double pregelatinized starch capacity
Installed the fifth Spraydryer to handle the increasing demands
Commissioned the newly setup Food-Grade native tapioca starch factory
Total capacity increase to 500 tons/day
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