NEOMALDEX® Maltodextrin

NEOMALDEX Maltodextrin Starch

Banpong Tapioca produces wide range of NEOMALDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups. These products are obtained from starch by our hydrolysis, followed by purification and spray drying under our closed control to ensure quality.

These NEOMALDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups are white, neutral or slightly sweet tasting powders. They are soluble in water and offer a high standard of organic, mineral and bacteriological purity.

They have numerous applications in the food and dietetic food industry :

  • Infant foods
  • Ices and ice-cream
  • Frozen and deep frozen products
  • Meat products
  • Stock and soups
  • Sauces
  • Dried or spray dried hygroscopic products
  • Confectionery and biscuits

Depending on the grade used, NEOMALDEX® products can help adjust and control the following properties :

  • Viscosity and texture
  • Sweetness
  • Anti-crystallizing power
  • Browning reactions
  • Fermentability by yeasts
  • Freezing point depression

NEOMALDEX® Maltodextrin Starch Product Specification

Title Unit Value Analysis Method
Moisture Content%6.0 maxAOAC(2000) 930.46B
Ash%0.20 maxAOAC(2000) 942.05
pH (20% Sol)4.0 - 4.7AOAC(2000) 981.12
Dextrose EquivalentDE9.0 - 13.0Lane and Eyon's Volumetric method
Total Plate CountCFU/gm1000 maxBAM(1998) Revision A Chapter 13
YeastCFU/gm50 maxBAM(1998) Revision A Chapter 18
MoldCFU/gm50 maxBAM(1998) Revision A Chapter 18
E.ColiabsentBAM(1998) Revision A Chapter 4
SalmonellaabsentBAM(1998) Revision A Chapter 5

Product Code
Note: WWW Package Size, ZZ Package Type
Standard: 25 kg multi-layer paper sacks (025-PB) palletised and shrink wrapped.
Jumbo Bag: 650 kg PP (650-PP)
Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.
CN Code: 1702.90.50 CAS Number: 9050-36-6
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