TapioPLUS Double Triangles® Native Tapioca Starch

Native Tapioca Starch

Native Tapioca Starch Specification

Native Tapioca Starch Viscosity

The unmodified starch is called native tapioca starch or native tapioca flour. While totally natural, native tapioca often does not lend itself to processed foods which will be frozen, heated, microwaved or baked.

Banpong Tapioca exclusive supplies Tapioca Starch for many food and industrial needs under TapioPLUS Double Triangles® and TQS® and brand.

Reasons Why Tapioca is a Preferred Starch

  • Flavor Profile Light flavors such as vanilla, peach and lemon, are not masked by tapioca. This is because tapioca contains no impurities, while cereal based starches contain phospholipids which can provide an after taste.
  • Appearance Tapioca pastes, films and gels are clearer than other starches. Fruit fillings look more appetizing.
  • Non-Allergetic Tapioca is gluten-free and easier to digest. That has led to its widespread use in baby foods.
  • Ideal Viscosity Tapioca exhibits a lower viscosity while hot, which facilitates processing.

TapioPLUS Double Triangles® Tapioca Starch Features

  • Resistant to heat, enzyme and bacterial decomposition
  • Superb water-holding ability
  • Physiologically inert
  • Wide compatibility with other anionic and nonionic thickening agents

Banpong Tapioca's TapioPLUS Double Triangles® Tapioca Starches are supported by

  • Rapid order-processing and technical assistance, especially tailored for small to mid-size users
  • Certificates of Analysis (COA) from the plant-site microbiological laboratory with every shipment
Product Code
Note: WWW Package Size, ZZ Package Type
Standard: 25 kg multi-layer paper sacks (025-PB)
Jumbo Bag: 500 kg PP (500-PP), 850 kg PP (850-PP)
Others: 20 kg PP (020-PP/PX), 50 kg PP (050-PP/PX)
Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.
Native tapioca starch is a food article and is declared as starch.
CN Code: 1108.14.00
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