TapioPLEX® Oxidized Starch

TapioPLEX Oxidized Starch

TapioPLEX Oxidized Starch Viscosity

TapioPLEX Oxidized starch is modified starch produced by means of oxygenation of high quality native tapioca starch starch with a variety of oxidizing agents and oxidized starch as are obtained. oxidized starches have shorter chain lengths than native starches. It improves whiteness and reduces microbiological content. In addition, the hydrogen bonding reduces the tendency to retro-gradation. Producing soft- bodied gels of high clarity, oxidized starches are the best thickener for applications requiring gels of low rigidity. This improves adhesion in batters and breading. Diluted solutions of highly oxidized starches remain clear on prolonged storage, making them suitable for many applications:

  • As stabilizers in ice-cream and milk pudding production
  • In confectionary industry as structure creators for preparation of fillings, jellies, lukuma, deserts, soufflé, etc.
  • In baking industry it improves physical properties of dough, increases its capability to hold gases
  • In paper production it is used for getting into mass and for surface sizing, increases strength and improves quality of paper and cardboard on the basis of primary and secondary semi-finished products
  • For preparation of batter coating that is used for frying of fish and meat in a production environment
  • In textile industry for yarn smoothing
  • In construction industry for production of isolation cardboard and acoustic tiles
  • In wafer cups production

TapioPLEX® Oxidized Starch Product Specification

Title Unit Value Standard
AppearanceWhite Powder
Moisture%10 - 12
Ash%0.2 - 0.4
2% pasted on Viscometer #2
20 to 30
pH5 - 7
for 5 gr of NaOH
Mesh size
pass through 100 mesh
Carboxyl value0.01
Ferricyanide value1
Alkali labile value3 - 5

Product Code
Note: WWW Package Size, ZZ Package Type
Standard: 20 kg multi-layer paper sacks (020-PB) palletised and shrink wrapped.
Jumbo Bag: 500 kg PP (500-PP), 850 kg PP (850-PP)
Others: 25 kg PB (025-PB)
Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.
CN Code: 3505.10.90
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