TapioPRO Jasmine® Pregelatinized Instant Starch

TapioPRO Pregelatinized Instant Starch

TapioPRO Jasmine® Pregelatinized instant starches are food starches that have been precooked, dried, and ground into a powder. Because they develop full viscosity without cooking, these instant starches provide convenience for consumer foods but, due to the heat and high shear conditions, granules are fragmented and lose some of the “quality” attributes of their parent cook-up starch.

When special product considerations require more than a basic pregel, our Granular Instant Starches (TapioPRO Jasmine TPR-AAS-303) offer a perfect solution. Employing an exclusive technology, developed and introduced by Banpong Tapioca, the internal structure of each granule is disrupted, allowing it to hydrate fully without cooking at any stage. Granules remain intact, making possible many of the benefits of a cook-up starch- without the cooking - not available or achievable with traditional pregel starches (See figures below). Our Granular Instant Starches offer the best of both worlds: the quality of a cook-up starch, paired with the convenience and savings of an instant starch!

TapioPRO Jasmine® TPR-NAS-301

The standard drum-drying process employed to instantise pregel starches destroys granular structure. The ensuing particles are irregular and amorphous, with no definite size or shape, resulting in a grainy texture in finished products.

TapioPRO Jasmine® TPR-AAS-303

A unique process that bypasses cooking, drying and grinding allows granules to imbibe water (hydrate) while still retaining swollen granule integrity. As with standard cook-up starches, the granules have a definite size, structure and rounded shape, producing an extremely smooth texture.

TapioPRO Jasmine Pregelatinized Instant Starch Product Specification

Title Unit TPR-NAS-301 TPR-AAS-303
AppearanceFine White PowderFine White Powder
test with KETT C100
%80% min80% min
Starch Content%90% min90% min
Moisture%8% max3.0% - 7.0%
3% Sol pH-Meter
6 +/- 15.0 - 7.0
Ash%0.5% max0.5% max
Mesh size
pass through 100 mesh
%85% min85% min
6% dry base
BU900 BU min900 BU min
Acetyle Content%1.10% - 2.00%
Degree of Substitution%0.04% - 0.10%

Product Code
Note: WWW Package Size, ZZ Package Type
Standard: 25 kg multi-layer paper sacks (025-PB)
Jumbo Bag: 650 kg PP (650-PP)
Others: 25 kg PP (025-PP)
Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.
CN Code: 3505.10.90
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