Banpong ‘s Modified Starches used in Noodle product were designed to improve the texture and quality of the product compare to the conventional ingredients.

Noodle produce with modified starch will be improved in every aspect, since the texture, sogginess prevention, fast rehydration, cost efficiency, and consistent quality. Either chewy or firm texture are desired, modified starch can able to give the right texture to the final product through its shelf life even in chilled or frozen condition. In instant noodle application, to meet the simple and quick preparing nature of the product, the fast rehydration with no sogginess is a key function in this application.

Key Features

  • Elastic texture
  • Texturize and binders
  • Firm, rubbery texture
  • TapioPRO BS851/BS852/BS853/BS855
  • TapioPRO SS871
  • TapioPRO ST881

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