Sauces & Soups

Banpong ‘s TapioPRO ST Series is an extremely high quality and easily used modified starch, suit for “Sauce and Soup Products”. Its function to thicken the product with higher viscosity, better stability, and appearance than the convectional starch.

TapioPRO ST Series is used to thicken the product that contributes to viscosity and adhesive for dipping. TapioPRO ST Series provides resistance to heat, acid, and shear force which can improve the productivity efficient within the production line. Sauces and soups produced with these starches are remain their original color, have short, smooth, and desired mouth-feel texture, glossy appearance, with extremely low serum loss of shelf life stability. These starches also are cold water-soluble starches, made these starches can be used in almost every kind of product that need the thickening agent.

Key Features

  • Excellent stability
  • Resistance to heat, acid and shear
  • Improve mouth-feel
  • TapioPRO BF841
  • TapioPRO ST883/ST884/ST886

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