Banpong Tapioca Starch Applications

Products by Applications/Industries

Because of the board features and applicability of starch, products of Banpong Tapioca are indispensable in various industries. Among our many starches, Banpong Tapioca can fulfill the needs of clients' functional properties either traditional applications specialty requirements.

Where viscosity, fluidity, solubility, ionicity, setting, binding, adhesivity, flowability, strength, gloss, whiteness, biodegradability, film, flocculation, retention, absorption properties are requested in paper and other industrial sectors, or whether you looking for thickening, gelifying, stability, freeze-thawing, shelf-life, spreadability, texture, crispiness, smoothness, mouth-feel, taste, tabletting, clean labeling or nutrition properties in food or pharma sectors.

Our products by applications/industries

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