Filling & Fruit Preparation

Banpong ‘s Modified Starch used in filling and fruit preparation product is design to give an excellent stability and thickened the product in the high acid condition.

The filling and fruits preparation product produced with modified starch will give a high viscosity and excellent stability. Modified starch intently designs to use in this application will provide both strong granules which are reinforced to give the viscosity in the acidity environment by naturally occur in fruits or intently added to the product for microbial concern and product stability during the storage in any storage condition. The final product will yield short and smooth texture with a glossy appearance through its shelf-life.

Key Features

  • High viscosity thickener and stability
  • Good process tolerance
  • Rapid viscosity development
  • Stabilize and build viscosity
  • Good heat and acid stability
  • Good resistance to boil-out when used in combination with traditional viscosifiers
  • TapioPRO BF841
  • TapioPRO ST883/ST884/ST886

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