Processed Meat

Banpong ‘s Modified Starches used in process meat product were designed to improve the stability and texture of the product, enhance juiciness and texture, and excellent water binding capacity ability.

Processed Meat Starch is the solution for the processed meat product. To reach the ideal of every processed meat product this starch has able to retort stability with tender and juicy texture, increase effectiveness of water and fat binding, and reduces stickiness in mold. All these functions can promise the firmness and moisture retention, reduces moisture loss in vacuum-packing and during cooking process, of the product. Not only improve quality of the product, but this modified starch also improves the product yield, which is suits for every processed meat business.

Key Features

  • Retort stability
  • Firmness
  • Yield improvement
  • TapioPRO BM834/BM835
  • TapioPRO BF843/BF844
  • TapioPRO BS851/BS853
  • TapioPRO SS871
  • TapioPRO ST881

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