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What is MOCHI !?

MOCHI is a dessert made from glutinous rice flour that has been steamed and pounded until homogeneous. It can be eaten fresh after pounding, grilling, or adding to other dishes such as red bean soup. Mochi is considered an auspicious snack on many occasions. Therefore, it is used for important days or ceremonies such as kagami mochi on New Year’s Day. Sakura Mochi on Girls’ Day

What is Daifuku !?

Daifuku JAPANESE SWEETS confectionery is a type of mochi. Bring glutinous rice flour to wrap the red bean paste filling. and knead the outer powder for easy access Nowadays, the filling is replaced with fruits such as oranges, kiwis, especially strawberries, which are called Ichigo Daifuku, or you may replace red beans with white beans, green tea cream,

In the Edo period of 1771 in Kogawa (Today’s Bunkyo Ward) Quail Mojin It has been molded into a smaller size because the filling is made from red bean paste mixed with sugar. Make it stay pregnant for a long time called “Harafutomochi” (腹太餅) means bloated mochi (腹:stomach, 太:bloated, expand, 餅:mochi) and “daifukumochi. ” (大腹餅) means mochi that makes your stomach grow (大:grow, 腹:stomach, 餅:mochi).

for auspiciousness The Japanese changed the kanji for daifuku by changing the kanji for “stomach”, fuku (福) meaning “good luck” and the kanji for dai. Fukumochi also changed from 大腹餅 to 大福餅, making the present-day Daifuku. mean “Mochi that makes you very lucky”

Ingredient for making DAIFUKU

Modified Starch27.27 %
Glutinous rice flour3.03 %
Sugar9.09 %
Water60.61 %
Red bean135-140 gram

Method for making DAIFUKU

  • Weigh the ingredients according to the given recipe. And bring the ingredients to mix together, add water little by little and gradually stir the ingredients to dissolve together.
  • Bring the flour that has been put in the pan. Use low heat to stir until the dough is cooked, about 5-6 minutes, and then take out the dough and place it on a lightly floured table.
  • Weigh 20 grams of flour, then roll it and wrap it with 15 grams of red bean filling.
  • Close the bottom of the candy tightly, wrap it in plastic wrap.

Modified Starch can be used in many applications. Overseas, corn starch is commonly used to make Modified, but in Thailand and Asia, tapioca starch is increasingly being used to make Food Modified Starch. Because of the uniqueness of tapioca starch and non-GMOs, Tapioca Modified Starch is gradually becoming popular all over the world.

Modified starch
Modified starch



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